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 KiliClimb2011  How it all began the first of our fund raising challenges   10mins

It's a New Day - written and performed by Edwina Hayes for Charity Links to accompany a slide show of images from our early climbs of Kilimanjaro       4mins

KiliClimb2013 The third of our fundraising challenges - 22 mins

 Olooseos Girls School Kenyapractical contribution by Charity Links 

 Ride East Africa 2017 - Tanzania & Rwanda 

Edited Video - 2 mins

 Ride East Africa 2017 -       Team members version 12 mins

Ride the Rift 2019 - Kenya's magnificent Great Rift Valley

Edited Video - 2 mins

 Ride the Rift  -                     Team members version 20 mins 

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