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Raising and distribution of funds by Charity (Action) Links

C(A)L is a UK registered charity (No:1171302) established as a ‘not for profit’ grant awarding charity specifically but not exclusively making grants to UK charities working in the field of Children’s Education in East Africa.

C(AL) raises funds by organising events which appropriate or ‘panel’ charities are invited to join and use as fundraising opportunities. Thus for example Ride the Rift {RtR} has been planned, designed and is being organised by C(A)L. The Trustees of C(A)L have invited charities working in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda to participate by encouraging cyclists to ride in the event at their own expense on behalf of one of the ‘panel’ charities.

When a cyclist joins the RtR and has no particular affinity to a panel charity then he/she will be invited to select from those charities that are still seeking a cyclist. The advantage for both charity and cyclist is that the charity is likely to have a database of supporters who can be encouraged to contribute to the cyclists fundraising effort.

Virgin Money Giving: C(A)L is registered with both HMRC & Virgin Money Giving (VMG) so that each participant in one of the charity’s events is required to use VMG as the fundraising platform so the funds are transparently directed and where appropriate the Gift Aid is obtained. Each of the charities supported by C(A)L is required to have an account with VMG to ensure the smooth flow of funds without cost or delay.

How is the fundraising distributed? Each participant has their own page within VMG which is an opportunity for them to describe both themselves and the charity, which they have decided to support. On the page which donors access before making their donation it will be very clear what happens to the money they donate. The initial distribution is as follows: 50% goes immediately to the nominated charity (to be followed some weeks later by 50% of the Gift Aid). The other 50% goes into the charity ‘pot’ of C(A)L which is distributed in the following way: Any panel charity which has failed to secure a cyclist will be given a minor grant as will any charity that has come to the attention of C(A)L after the panel charities had been agreed. The remainder of the ‘pot’ is shared between the main charities in proportion to the money they have raised in the event.

Incentive to work for their own benefit: The scheme described above is designed to ensure a wide distribution of funds while it is deliberately designed to reward those charities who raise the most.

Recovery of C(A)L’s publicity costs: While the trustees draw neither salaries nor expenses the cost of advertising, promotion, publicity & IT support is taken from the Gift Aid portion of the ‘Pot’ funds.

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